Tuesday, February 9, 2010


It's about time! Joni kept telling us it'd snow alot! We love cold weather anyway, but it's just SOOO much better with snow! Tyssen and I just get out there and run and run - tackling each other and wrestling like crazy! Once we get tired of playing, I start in on the all-you-can-eat snow buffet I'm surrounded with! Yummy!

Here's some pics of Ty and I playing......

First.....I stare at him and he stays perfectly still and pretends I'm not staring him down. But I see his eyes flicker over a few times at me, and then quickly look away. So I wait...
patiently....for the perfect moment....(I'm on the left looking so sly!)

Then I POUNCE at him! (Ty on the top right)

And the game is on then! I'm getting ready to flip him here...(that's me on top!)
Okay...here I go....

BAM! He's on the ground and pinned!! I'm SO glad a picture exists of this! Tyssen always denies that I can overpower him! (Ty upside down - begging for mercy!)

But he's up quickly to battle me again! (Ty on the left)

I have a long history of being a snow monster! Just call me "Jada the Yeti". Or "Abominable Jada" - not sure which one has the better ring to it!

These are some pics of me taking out my little cousin, Beckett.....BOOM! WHAM!
Down he goes! Never even knew what hit 'em!

Becket's such a wussy lightweight......he gave up without hardly a fight. Not even a challenge....
I stand over him for a bit, savoring my victory (as easy as it was) and listen to his pitiful pleading that he's cold.

I felt sorry for him after awhile, and quit tackling him....not that I'd let him know that, though! Check out the look on his face when I pretend to come after him again....just cracks me up that he falls for this over and over again.

I pretty much leave him alone now. I know....incredibly nice of me. Maybe I'll get the Nobel Peace Prize.....they've given it for alot less!

Everyone thinks I get my snow antics from my mom, Lucy. Check out her weekend antics below.

Lucy (left) and Tyssen

Lucy on right on this one

Ty wasn't sure what to make of his normally calm reserved mother acting so crazed.

This is a photo of all of us. The maniacal one on the left is mom and I'm on the right getting ready to go after an unsuspecting Tyssen in the middle.

Here's another of our fun-loving mom flying thru the snow.

But lest you all think she's a total nut, here's a photo of her looking VERY regal and like the Champion she is.
It goes without saying that it's pretty obvious where Tyssen and I got our amazing looks!

But Ty and I manage to look halfway decent after frolicking in the snow for hours.
This is me....

And this is Tyssen.