Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Wishbone Wag Team Agility Trial

by Jada

I decided I needed a byline since it's hard to tell if it's Tyssen or me writing sometimes!

Thanksgiving was great for us - lots and lots of goodies were handed out as they were scurrying around making food. Yummy!

The day after Thanksgiving we had our Wishbone Way Team Agility Trial at the club. I was on a team called "Bad To The Bone" with a few of my buddies - Charm, a zippy little Rat Terrier, and Benny, a big black lab. We were only playing 2 games - Full House and Snooker. 26 teams competed - and we came in FIRST PLACE in Full House. I'm not sure where we placed in Snooker (wasn't in the Top 3, but Joni never went to look), but when they combined the scores for both games our team came in FIRST PLACE! I got a great toy and Joni got a gift card. Pretty fun day!

Joni also ran Reuben on a puppy team named "The Little Rascals" with a Keeshond puppy and a Lab puppy. They did pretty good also. Reuben can't compete officially until next Summer, but boy, he's going to be good!

Joni made their t-shirt design - Here's what they looked like:

The front:

The back:

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