Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jada's Introduction to our Blog

Hey there - I'm Jada and I'm one of the Spoiled Rotten Keeshonds. I'll introduce the other one in a minute, but me first. My whole name is "Spirit's Ready for Prime Time", but that's just too long for folks to say each time, so they call me "Jada" for short. My person I live with is Joni...or so I hear. I really don't call her that, but everyone else does for some reason. I'm not sure where she got "Jada" from, or what it means.....just that "it fit", whatever the hell that means.

I've been with her my entire life after I left where I was born in the Spring of 2007. My birth home is a fun car trip away and we go out there every few weeks for a visit and I can run around with my mom, Lucy, and her person, Judy. 'Course, I get to get tortured there by getting my nails done, which I hate, but it goes quick and then I'm off playing and running again. There's a cute furry Keeshond-wannabe (a Pomeranian) there that is in love with me named Reuben, but I pretty much just ignore him.

Anyway, I digress. I'll chat about that more later when I mention all the others that are crazy about me and that's a pretty long list.

When I came to live with Joni she had another furry critter there named Beckett. He wasn't a Keeshond, but was a
curmudgeon of a Sheltie named Beckett. I'm told that if he'd met me when he was younger he'd have been crazier about me, like that's a big surprise. Did I mention everyone loves me? All I did was pretty much annoy him, but he grew to be quite fond of me. He taught me how to be nice, gentle and sweet......and I missed him when he was gone a year later.

Wasn't I an ADORABLE puppy?

Okay, a little about me. I'm simply adorable....everyone says so. I'm brilliant and have so much fun doing everything Joni wants me to do and then hearing everyone gush over my brilliance when they see this. I'm incredibly sweet.....and will do anyt
hing to make people happy. I like nothing more than being around people and hearing them gush over me. It's even better if they have FOOD! Did I mention FOOD is one of my favorite things? I'll do just about anything for FOOD, even make a fool of myself. I'll twirl for food....I'll roll over for food....I'll go to any lengths to get food! I get treats everyday...and even more when we do agility. Don't tell Joni, but I'd do agility for nothing, but if she thinks I need food for incentive or rewards...well, I certainly won't let her know differently! This summer she's been getting Popsicles, which I'm crazy about now. She'll give me a piece of it each time. Boy, I can't think of anything better in the summer! Maybe watermelon - that's a close call.

I'm an awesome Therapy Dog also! Who wouldn't like going to a place where EVERYONE'S attention is on ME and
my every blink of the eye has them wanting to pet me and give me food? And I make the sad and sick people feel a little better about life, and that's fun also. Not as fun as food, but it's right up there. Unfortunately we haven't had time to do alot of Therapy visits for awhile...just been too busy with Agillity! But we'll get back into it again.

For awhile it was just me and Joni, but we kept pretty busy. She got me involved in this crazy thing called "Agility" when I was a puppy. What fun that is - running around like crazy with my person, jumping, leaping, going thru tunnels and ramps and jumps. I was pretty happy with life just like that....but then she brought home my little brother. Yes, he's really my little bro. We have the same mom but different dads. We look alot alike, but he's got this huge monster head and is now taller than me, so it's easy to tell us apart. Most folks can't....but I figure they're just a bit dense to not see the difference.

This new fellow was an adorable fun little furball to have around and we bonded from the first moment we met. His name is "Tyssen", which means "firebrand". His whole name is "Spirit's Light My Fire", but he answers to Tyssen, Tyce, Ty, Ty-Boy, and any other n
utty way of saying his name. He even answers to the occasionally used "Monster" for some reason. He's not as smart as me, but then who is? But all in all, he's great to have around. Ty does agility also, but he's also conceited and vain about his appearance, which works for him since he goes to dog shows and someone decides if he walks around a ring and looks good doing it and gives him ribbons. Sounds easy, but they say it's tough. Apparently he's good at it, since he came home one day last fall from a dog show and insisted on being called "Champ". Yeah, I'm going to call him THAT! That's all his ego needs to hear! I just wrestled him to the ground and showed him who was really boss and since he's such a wimp, he said I didn't have to call him that. He's a pretty good little brother...just needs to be kept in his place.....which is ME being in charge. Little twerp. Typical little brother sort of stuff, though, I suppose. He'll be on this blog also...but for now I'm hogging the first post!

Oh...he did ask me to mention that his whole name is "AKC/UKC Champion Spirit's Light My Fire". Okay. I won't call him Champ, but I guess I can mention it! Secretly I'm pretty proud of him...but don't tell him that! His ego would explode! I can't wait to see what he's like when he
starts adding Agility titles to his name. I have bunches of agility titles, but you don't see ME bragging about them in this first post! I've plenty of time for that!

This photo above was from shortly after we met. As you can see, we were pretty tight from the get-go.

We -- what? Okay....I was just informed we're going for a long walk so I'll have to continue this later! Who hoo! Maybe I'll get to visit some of those cats outside! Maybe Tyssen will see a squirrel and be happy attempting to climb a tree and catch it! OR maybe someone outside will have a TREAT for us! The possibilities are endless! Later!

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Barbara said...

Fantastic blog! Very well done and i love all of the information given about this breed.
Also really enjoyed the post given by "Jada", looking forward to hearing from Ty.......