Friday, December 4, 2009

Jada's Busy November

Finally! My turn at the computer! Here I thought Ty was just going to go over his UKC show....had no idea he'd start waxing nostalgic about his crazy "career aspirations". [rolling my eyes here]. What can you expect from a swan-lover?

Yes! This was a VERY busy month! First my 3-day AKC Agilty Trial, which I previously wrote about. Then we were at the UKC show for two and a half days and nights...and the very next weekend we were at my CPE trial. But between the AKC and UKC show, while Tyssen was getting his show bath, Joni decided to it was time for ME to get a bath. I couldn't believe it! I wasn't even dirty!
Here's a photo of me being incredulous that I had to go thru this....surely she was just joking and at the last minute she was going to toss Tyssen in there! HE's the one that's always getting baths! Notice the sheer disbelief on my face....

But no...she really really meant it! Before I knew it I was soaking wet! (This is Joni's mom helping with me while Joni takes photos....)

Damn, I'm skinny underneath all that fur! So pathetic looking. This is what I get for laughing at Tyssen during his baths, I guess. (that's not really "Suave" shampoo - just using the bottle for our shampoo mix)

For some reason Joni just thinks it's hysterical to get photos of me when I'm shaking water off of me. Sad.
I'm giving her the evil eye the best I can while shaking.

But not too long before I'm dried and looking like my gorgeous self again.

Tyssen jumped up on the grooming table to reassure me that it was okay. He didn't even laugh at me and instead was very concerned and sweet.

My cousin Beckett (a Shetland Sheepdog) got a bath after me. He's a little ball of fur that looks skinny when he gets watered down also.

He's more pathetic looking than us during baths!

But he sure turns out looking pretty at the end!

Now on to my Agility Trial last weekend.

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