Friday, December 4, 2009

UKC Conformation Weekend

What a fun weekend! I got to spend a few days and a few nights at the dog club - either inside showing everyone how amazing I look, or outside in Judy's motorhome. Jada and Joni were along also.

I did great at the show - won Best of Breed over a few other Keeshonds each show, and placed in Groups each of the four shows. I was in the Best in Show ring twice also. I even got to see Joni in the ring for the first time with another Keeshond. I thought I'd burst out laughing at this, but it wasn't that bad. Of course, we still beat her, so that was cool. She didn't take any photos of me in the ring this time to share since she brought the camcorder this time. If she ever figures out how to get them online, I'll share those!

Here are a few shots of me relaxing in the motorhome......

This is Judy going over the rules with me the night before .....

I thought this was all rather silly, and decided to put my foot down and object to all it all - this is supposed to be FUN!

I got my way, of course. They let me do anything I want sometimes....

This is me taking over Reuben's bed. Cute little thing (the bed, that is). But it was too confining after a little bit, so I let him have it back.

This is pretty much what our ribbons looked like after the weekend. These are actually from the March show, but it looked almost identical this time.

So.....guess that's about it for now. Except for this - I'm making my Agility Trial Debut in a few weeks! I just got my CPE number last night, so it's officially official now! We have a 4-day Trial over New Years. Jada will be running all 4 events each day, and I'll only be running 1 run each day. Joni just agonized over what to put me in, not to mention what part of the day to do it in. She can't figure out if I'll be more crazy in the morning or at the end of the day. She's just silly, though....I can be crazy at ANY time of the day or night! I do like to keep her guessing! She's got me entered in Level 1 Jumpers, Full House and two Standard classes. So.....I'll let you know later how it goes!

I hear we have PLENTY of practicing to do in the next few weeks. Joni hasn't let me jump more than 12" jumps in class, but she realized after she entered me in the trial that I'll have to jump 16". She did set up some jumps last week for me at 16" and I knocked a bunch of them down. Hey, it takes a little getting used to! Those things were at eye level and now they're higher! What, I'm supposed to remember that AND keep my eye on Joni for directions?
But after a few days of this, I was getting it. She took me to a "run-thru" the day before Jada's agility trial last weekend and let me run the course. I had a blast - the course was HUGE - much bigger than the courses at class. I loved it! We ran thru the 17 obstacles two different times and I didn't drop one 16" bar and I did everything in the right order!! This is gonna be fun! I can't wait till New Years now!

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